Film Night: Electric Cinema

First up, I’m really sorry that I’ve been missing for a week. It’s all been a bit stressful, as I started the week sick in bed and then returned to a seemingly never ending inbox at work. Busy busy!

But anyway, despite all of that I did find the time to finally see the new James Bond film. Plus, it was the perfect excuse to tick off somewhere that has been sat on my London bucket list for ages.

IMG_1134 (2)

Electric Cinema is without a doubt one of the coolest places I’ve ever been to. With locations in Shoreditch and Portobello – there really is no excuse to miss this!

As the wind whipped up outside, we snuck underground into Electric Shoreditch. Armed with cashmere blankets and nachos, it’s almost like being in the comfort of your own sitting room. The cinema is tiny with only 50 seats, all of which are wonderfully cushy armchairs, comfortably spread out with side tables to hold your drinks and snacks. The bar outside serves cocktails and other drinks, along with a whole array of snacks which put the standard bucket of popcorn to shame. All of the armchairs come with a cashmere blanket for added comfort (and a higher chance of catching some z’s during the film..)


As you can imagine, I’ve visited cheaper cinemas in my life. We paid full whack at £18 (and were drawn in to the food and drink on offer!) but the front row seats are cheaper as are the angled view armchairs. Mondays are slightly cheaper as well as Electric Sundays which are the Sunday afternoon viewings. As far as I’m concerned, I think this is the perfect activity on a Sunday as the weather gets chillier.

I’m one of those people who would always choose staying at home with Netflix over going to the cinema, but with Electric Cinema that’s changed. So whether it’s a special occasion or if you just need a mid-week treat, I highly recommend sinking into your armchair, cocooning yourself in a cashmere blanket and eating all the hummus to enjoy a good film!


2 thoughts on “Film Night: Electric Cinema

    • sarahpratley says:

      I really enjoyed it! I’m not much of a James Bond kinda gal if I’m honest, but I still really liked it. I think I enjoyed Skyfall a bit more though… You should definitely go and see it if it’s still on! Thanks for checking out my blog 🙂 x

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